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Your book will be sponsored in one of our lists, based on the niche of interest.

In this way, interested and real people will read and be able to adequately review your book.

In recent months we have expanded our lists and now some top reviewers are also part of it, whose social proofs are more important and lasting than all the others.

Based on the data accumulated so far from all sponsored books, the average social proof each book receives is:

- up to 20 with the S package

- up to 30 with the M package

- up to 40 with the L package

- up to 70 with the XXL package

- up to 100 with the OVERSIZE package

Readers will release social proof gradually, over a month or so.

NB Being a visibility service and not a review trading service, we cannot guarantee a fixed number of social proofs under any circumstances.


  1. Purchase a bundle for each book you want to launch
  1. Within 5 days of launch, fill in the form you will receive via email after the purchase and enter all the data of the book (title, subtitle, author name, kindle cover in jpg or png format)
  1. After the purchase, you will be notified by email how many days of Free Promo and how many days at €0.89 to set up the book. All you have to do is follow the instructions.
  1. Wait for the social proofs, that's all you have to do!

    Attention: we remind you that the correct setting of the free promo period and €0.89 are the responsibility of the user

    All purchased services are valid for 6 months. It will not be possible to claim the service after the indicated term.